Essential kit for you first bike

Once you have got your brand new bike there are a few purchases well worth considering before going out on your first ride.

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Always remember safety first and when it comes to bike safety the one thing you want to protect is your head. Although it is not law in the UK, always remember to wear a helmet, a helmet could one day save your life if you fall off your bicycle and hit your head on the ground. The protection from your helmet may stop you ending up with a serious injury.


Lights are an essential accessory to have on your bike for night riding. It is law in the United Kingdom to have both front and rear lights fitted if you are riding at night and failure to comply with this law could see you with a fine for every light missing. Lights can be purchased in various forms from a standard £20 a pair set to an £150 high powered single light.


Locks come in different forms and levels of security dependent on how much you pay, as a rule of thumb generally the more you pay the stronger the lock. The main types of locks are cable and D-locks both have their advantages and disadvantages. A cable lock is lightweight and easy to transport however not as secure whereas a D-lock is a solid strong lock but can be heavy and troublesome to transport dependent on your frame so when purchasing make sure you buy the lock most suitable for your needs. Some high end locks also come with free insurance in case the lock is broken and the bike is stolen.

Reflective Clothing

Reflective clothing can be a great asset when riding at night so you are seen by other road users. You can purchase many different types of cycle clothing such as jackets, arm bands, belts, helmet cover, vest and much more. Remember the more visible you are the safer you are.

Seasonal Clothing

Its a good idea to get a good set of seasonal clothing such as jackets and waterproofs for the harsh winters and shorts and jerseys for those baking summers. You will find there are many different types and brands on the market for clothing so it would be best to get what best suits your tastes and budgets.


There are two main types of gloves full fingered and fingerless. Full fingered gloves are good for grip and warmth if used for winter but can make your hands sweat in heat. Fingerless gloves also have good grip mainly on the palm of the hand, these gloves are idea for summer use as they keep you hands cool.


Pumps come in a range of designs and capability’s, you will find the easiest pumps to use are floor pumps or foot pumps as they do not require as much effort as small hand pumps. Floor or foot pumps can cost upwards of £15 however these pumps are hard to transport and are best kept for home use. Hand pumps generally cost upwards of £5, it would be a good idea to keep a hand pump to carry in case you get a puncture.


It is a good idea to carry some basic spares such as tubes, tyre levers and a multi tool when you ride to help you if you get in trouble. Punctures can be a common problem when riding and it is easier to change a tube rather than trying to patch one. These items cost very little and are easy to transport on your bike.

Additional Extras

After you have been riding for a while you may start to want more comfort and convenience for your ride. There are products that you may also want to consider such as

  • Mudguards – help keep mud off your face and back.

  • Bottles and Bottle Cages – great for long rides.

  • Kickstand – so you don’t have to drop your bike on the floor.

  • Saddle Bag – ideal for carrying tools and tubes.

  • Rack and Pannier Bags – excellent choice for a city commuter.

  • Speedometer – great for checking your speed and mileage.

  • Saddle Covers – helps reduce discomfort.

  • Mirrors – helps you see without having to turn around.

I hope this was helpful to you please leave a comment if you liked this or email me for any further advice.


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